Europe 2018 | Belgium

I’m not the best intro writer, but come along with me as I tell my adventures and experiences as well as what I would and wouldn’t do again.

While planning my trip having a stopover in Brussels was an option, I chose it because what other chance would I have to go to this country. Also I really wanted to have authentic Belgian waffles πŸ€ͺ.

My trip started off with a bit of a glitch as my flight kept on getting delayed and the flight from BRU to FCO got cancelled and my bags are only tagged for BRU instead of all the way to FCO.

We got to Brussels in the morning with the intention to look around for a bit. Before our trip, I did my own research on what there was to see and do but as we got there the only place that stood out to me from my research was the Grand Place.

We grabbed a train that went to Central Brussels which cost around €13 and takes around 20 minutes from the airport.

The train station is right near everything in Brussels and right next to the Grand Place. One of the nice things I noticed is that there are little kiosks for visitors that have people helping you where to go. This was very helpful for us because we didn’t know many places and wanted to go to the most popular places in the small time we had there.

What I would suggest is go the Grand Place first, which is more of a plaza of beautiful old buildings. Walk around the area, which is filled with all kinds of shops from food to clothes. Around the area are many important buildings as well that you can check out.

After wandering around Grand Place, we walked to the Royal Palace which took around 25 minutes, mainly because they were cobbled stoned streets and we had to haul our luggage. The way we took to the Palace we passed the Mont des Arts garden.DSC_0241

The Palace is free to visit and has a baggage check because backpacks and bigger bags are not allowed in. It took us around 45 minutes to an hour to stroll around the palace.

To get back to the train station you can get across the park which is right in front of the palace which is a quick route to the train station.

After taking the train back to the airport, we still had enough time to catch our flight as well as grabbing something quick to eat.

I hope my experience helped anyone that wants to go to Brussels for a short visit, or gave a little input into my life!

Thank you so much for reading,


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