KKWxMario Beauty Review

Ok so, I’m putting all other posts on pause so I can write this review.

I have had my eye out on the KKWxMario palette for a few weeks now and when it finally restocked, I got my hands on it. I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but I think Mario is an iconic makeup artist. The KKW x Mario collaboration celebrates 10 years of Kim and Mario’s relationship working together.

Out of the collection, I only got the eyeshadow palette because that is what I felt would be most useful to me (and also that blue sold me). The first time I saw this palette, it did not “wow” me if I’m being honest. There are a lot of neutral shades and some pops of colors, but I usually use neutrals. Also the palette had only 10 pans compared to other brands that have more. This palette retails for $45.

Packaging: The packaging on this is a beautiful matte light grey color and in the glossy letters it says “KKW X MARIO”, it looks beautiful and modern and it’s super sleek. 5/5

2008, Bronzy, Albania, Armenian, Loyalty

Pigment: I feel like the one thing that everyone raves about in this palette is the pigmentation, and they are not wrong, this pigmentation is GORGEOUS! Although I would have to say I am slightly disappointed with the pigmentation of the blue, it is nicely pigmented but I expected so much more from it. I swatched it and I expected the pigment to be sharper, but it works. 4.5/5

Application: I love the application of this palette, the colors would just blend so seamlessly. The one thing that I love the most about this palette is how all the colors will blend in so well with each other, even colors that you would not expect to be using. 5/5

Recommend?: This is such a beautiful palette, the colors are wonderful, the formula and textures are great, and there is little to no fall out. But is it a necessity? No. It would not be the first palette I would recommend to someone for a multi purpose palette. If you want a palette with neutrals and a few pops of color, yes this palette could work for you. Another thing that I wasn’t too excited about was the price. The palette itself costs $45 with the additional shipping fee, it ended up costing over $50, and I don’t think it’s worth that much for a small palette.

Thank you so much for reading!




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