Spring Beauty Buys!

IMG_4419I don’t know how to write introductions for posts so I am just going to start off with this.

It has been a quick minute since I have written something and I did not want to bore everyone with doing monthly spreads, unless it is something you want to see, let me know!

As the weather gets warmer here on the East Coast and with the spring sales happening, it is time for me to update my spring make up collection.

One of the buys which I am most excited to use is the ABH Lip Palette. Right after I took the picture, I dug into the palette because I could not help myself. I grabbed this palette at a TJ Maxx for $24.99 when it usually goes for $48. It was not something I was willing to spend $48 on so when I found it on sale, I was all for it. I am so excited to play around with it and make more colors.

I picked up one more lip product from TJ Maxx, which was the KVD studded lipstick in Cathedral. This is such a beautiful berry-dusty rose color (one of my favorite shades of lip products). Although, I am not a huge fan of the lipsticks compared to the KVD liquid lipsticks. I found the lipstick to be very drying on my lips and it would fade very quickly especially around the center of my lips.

Another thing which I grabbed from TJ Maxx is the Real Techniques diamond makeup sponge. I was in need of a new makeup sponge and wanted to try something else besides a beauty blender. I grabbed it for $4.99 and I think it gets the job done for what I paid for. One of the perks that it has is that it has many different sides that you can use in different places. Honestly, it is not my favorite makeup sponge and I think that I will be replacing it by purchasing the regular Real Techniques makeup sponge.

Okay soooo let’s dive into what I got from Ulta. Throughout March and April, Ulta had its big beauty sale, where certain products would go one sale throughout the month. The first item that I grabbed is the Becca First Light Primer. I had gotten a trial size of it in the Sephora primer kit in November and really liked using it. The full price for the primer is $38 and I got it for $19.50.

The next thing I purchased from Ulta is the tartiest eyeliner (which I forgot to picture). As someone who wears eyeliner nearly everyday, I think it was about time to expand my horizon to eyeliner other than the iconic KVD tattoo liner. I got this dual tipped eyeliner for $12 and the regular price is $24.

One of the items that I was most excited about during this sale was the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It has been a few years since I used it and I loved using it and the way it made my lashes look. I got the mascara for $11.50 rather than $23

Along with the mascara, I picked up the MAC Prep+Prime Fix+. I try not tot be too big on MAC products, but it was a spur of the moment decision which made me grab it. I got it for $13 when it is originally $26. So far when I have used t for my highlight, it is amazing.

Now it is time for my favorite store, Sephora! Although Sephora did have its sale in April, I am sad to say that I did not buy many things (although catch me in November trying to get that 20% off). I got the Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer, so far it has been pretty decent, I think it looks best when I use it with contour though rather than using it all by itself.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for some new beauty reviews!



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