Bullet Journal- February 2018


January has been a very long month but February is finally here! One of the things that I personally enjoy about new months is having a new start and creating a new spread for my bullet journal. I’m going to share with you my spread that I did for this month that I feel would help me manage my time best as a student!


Month At a Glance:img_1963.jpgBefore I start explaining this layout, please excuse my ink stains lol. I’m going to say that it is part of my *aesthetic*. Anyhow, this month I feel like the semester really gets into the swing of things that is why I wanted to make the calendar big enough that I could write things in. Along with that I have a panel on the side to make note of any major events, tasks, and deadlines that I have this month so I can glance over every now and then.

The sizing for the boxes of the calendar is 6×6.

Monthly Trackersimg_1964.jpgI wanted to do something new this month and track what I love about myself and what I am grateful for everyday. I’m excited to see how this plays out because I have never wrote these things out and what the results will be at the end of the month.

img_1965.jpgOn the next page, I have my habit trackers. These are things that I want to do on an everyday basis this month. I made 9 boxes each with the categories: Hydrate, No Spending, Personal Projects, Clean, Study, Emails, Write, Meditate, and Workout.

I want to start being consistent with my water drinking this month and see how many days I can go without spending money. Along with that, I want to work on personal projects (like this blog) a little bit everyday. For clean, I want to make sure that I have put away everything where it belongs that includes clothes to dishes to books for class. The box study is what I found something interesting but I realized that I can be inconsistent with my studying so I hope that this is a more consistent way to track that. I want to have a clean inbox at the end of the day and clear out whatever junk there is as well as reply to people that I need to reply to. Something that I have been trying to get into the swing of things for months is writing everyday and hopefully this month I will be steady with it. The last two boxes, meditate and workout, are two things I am trying to integrate into my routine. I have been doing a little bit of meditation here and there but I want to become more mindful and along with that exercise my body.

On the page over, I have an expense tracker along with my goals for the month, which I plan on looking at everyday.

Weekly Spread


Finally, the main feature! Since February is a suuuuper busy month for me, I decided to do this layout for my weekly spreads. On the top, there is a box where I can write what I have that day such as a test, quiz, or even a birthday. On the bottom is where I will note everything else I plan on accomplishing for the day. Towards the right side, I have a space to write down important events in the week and tasks I want to get done. In the bottom, I have two sections of goals for the week and things that need to be done in the following week. For example, if I have not drank enough water, I would write that down in my goals section.

But yeah that is all for this month’s spread. I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see!


– Zainab


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